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What they say  
"Received the cards in the mail today - They are beautiful drawings and 
the hit of the house among my son and niece (both of who are 5). I think they've both actually learned a couple of more words since playing with them!" Rob B. Los Angelos, CA.   
" 'I' enjoyed playing with them... My granddaughter should have a hoot when she gets old enough to draw, too. We will enjoy these for a long 
time." Kim N. Middlebury, CT   
"They are really clever. And really nice." Mitch A. San Francisco, CA    
"Overall, it is a wonderful product that has a fun and unique appeal! I 
think both parents and teachers would find using  these cards very 
helpful with getting their kids excited about reading and writing. It is especially empowering for young ones in preschool and kindergarten 
who are starting to learn how to read. For older children, it helps 
reinforce their reading and writing skills in a fun way." Margo P. 
Bristol, CT